IHI in the Sky

Aerial Videography and Photography

 Real Estate, Construction, and Inspection Industries

Aerial Videography

At IHI in the Sky, we provide quality aerial video at reasonable prices for the Real Estate, Construction and Inspection markets.

 We are completely legal, unlike many other companies providing these services. All of our pilots are FAA certified for SUAS (Small Unmanned Aerial Systems) and utilize the most advanced technology. They are courteous and work to understand the needs of our clients in order to provide the expected outcome.

As part of our service, we provide video editing, in order to turn 45 minutes of raw video into a small video that is  manageable for the internet or other needs you may have. All of our native video is DVD quality.

Call us today for a consultation. We will sit down with you and help you determine if Aerial Videography or Photography could help increase your exposure for your current customer offerings.

You can reach us at 386-682-0885, Ext 3. Just let us know that you are interested in our Aerial Videography or Photography.